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Global Crafts is primarily a wholesale company, however we also ship for several fulfillment partners and drop ship clients. Orders flow from dozens of websites including marketplaces such as Amazon. Global Crafts is a certified Amazon Prime warehouse. Shipments are typically shipped by either UPS or USPS and can be either on Global Crafts account or the clients. It is critical that Global Crafts can gain insights into cost so that fulfillment partners can be accurately billed on a monthly basis for shipping costs. This paper will examine some of the processes and software used to reduce complexity, staff cost and the actual cost of shipping over the last 2 years. The outcome of the processes, software and other factors discussed in this document have enables Global Crafts to eliminate a full time position that included handling shipping and reduced actual shipping costs by at least 30%. Equating to a saving of at least $60k per annum. The lessons learnt apply to all sizes of organizations, none of the tools used are expensive.

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