Inventory Turns and Margins

Before starting please select an date when your inventory holdings were average, not a date you wound your inventory down for eg. Jan 1st or a date you just received a very large shipment. The selected date should show a fair average of your inventory assets and should be within the last 90 days, we suggest today unless you just received a large shipment.  You will need three numbers - the cost of goods sold in the 12 month prior to this date, the value of inventory you own on that date, total sales (goods only) for the 12 month period. Please read the following definitions before starting.  For the purposes of this survey Cost of Goods does not include import costs such as inbound shipping and taxes, you should be able to get this figure from your Profit and Loss report for the 12 month period. The value of your Inventory  is shown on your balance sheet and should not include your import costs for this survey.  Your sales from the 12 month period should not include any service revenue or donations, only the income from selling the goods. 

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